Should You Spend It All In One Place?

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Or is it better to spread the money around? Today's question comes straight from the lips of commenter/good guy Erik M. Here's what he asks,

Given a set amount of money, say like 30k or so, Is it better to spend all of it on a nice car, or [just] spend some of it on the car and leave the rest for improvments/ customization?


We're thinking this one will yield some pretty heated answers. Our take? Well, we've always planned on turning the WRX Sport Wagon (with walnuts, Johnson) into an RS 4 Avant. But just yesterday a certain Mr. M. Bumbeck has once again talked us out of performing any mods whatsoever. We now sleep with the warranty info under our pillow. What say all y'all?

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$10-15K for a nice, stock Touring model 3rd-gen RX-7. Preferably in black on Montego Blue with tan leather.

$7K for a new engine, with a mild street port for a bit more power and response and 3mm apex seals for durability (this is less a mod than a maintenance item, as all rotaries will eventually destroy themselves in a blaze of glory).

Let's add 2K for a new aftermarket clutch to go in at the same time as the motor, and a couple grand for labor.

Then $700 for a set of Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3's, oh, and maybe a few hundo on some new brake pads.


One (1) BMW 850CSi. I could use the change to stop for a sandwich on the way home.