What's Your Favorite Car Toy?

I'll make a confession. While I no doubt owned Matchbox and Hot Wheels toys as a kid, I wasn't that into 'em. I loved cars of course, and seeing how we managed to spend so much time in Beverly Hills and Newport Beach when I was young, I could wander the streets with my car geek friend David while our folks finished brunch and look at actual slant-nose 935s, Lambo Jalpas, Ferrari Mondials, Avantis and what ever else the merchants of bad taste deemed necessary that week. We did see an Aston Martin Lagonda parked in front of Nate & Als one Sunday, which was and continues to be one of the happiest moments of my life. What I am trying to say is that I am totally the wrong guy to be asking this question. So, I will let commenter Seth L,

"What is your favorite car toy? Matchbox? Tonka? Micro Machines? An amazingly complicated HotWheels track? Supercity?


And for the record, my favorite car toy had to be my Green Machine. Mostly because the secret compartment held my Harlem Globetrotters lunch box, and that trick closely resembles the gun pockets found in the RS 4.

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