Seven-Speed DSG Manumatic on the Way

If you're addicted to banging off shifts with VW/Audi's DSG box, you'll soon have a new cog to swap. We've already heard Porsche is working on a similar seven-ratio box, but according to the UK's WhatCar? a new seven-speed DSG automanual will arrive this year. VW's new Direct Shift Gearbox, originally the creation of tranny house Borg Warner, will first appear on the VW Rabbit/Golf. The new sprocket will allow a tighter fit between first and second, which will reportedly improve acceleration while allowing for a taller top gear. But the fragile box is said to top out at 184 lb-ft of torque, so don't expect it to show up in the Audi RS4 anytime soon. It's strictly a low-end enterprise, for now. As for Porsche's system, which would have to be at least twice as robust to survive? That's a question best left to the sultans of Bruce.

New seven-speed automatic from VW [What Car?]

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