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Funny how the world just falls right into line sometimes. Months ago, when Porsche started buying up chunks of VW stock, the first thing Farago wrote was, "Now that the Sultans of Stuttgart have bought a piece of VW, the installation of Audi's superb DSG system into the Porsche family of sports cars can't come soon enough." Well, damned if it all ain't coming true, sort of. According to AutoWeek Porsche's filed patent documents in Germany indicating said Sultans are working up a seven-speed double-clutch gearbox of their own, which Porsche plans to use throughout its line, all the way up to its mid-engined GT1 race car. Will it use part of the Borg-Warner DSG invention, or is Porsche starting from the ground up. Only the Sultans know for sure.

Porsche to offer seven-speed DSG [AutoWeek]

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