Sportomatic! Next Porsche 911 to get DSG, Direct-Injection

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AutoWeek's bearing some news on the next-gen Porsche 911 today, offering two tidbits on the next-gen model, due in mid-2008. As we'd heard earlier this year (and you could hear Farago's rapturous shouts from the outskirts of Greenland), the next niner will get a DSG dual-clutch transmission as an option. Now, AW reveals, the new model will also get a direct-injection version of its iconic flat six, producing 15 more hp (370 hp) while getting 10% better fuel economy. Farago's totally getting a bronzed DSG box for his birthday this year.

911 Refresh [AutoWeek]

Porsche Working up Seven-Speed DSG for Entire Line [internal]


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