SEMA 2007: Twin-Turbo LS1 V7 Super Coupe in Vegas

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The night and day efforts of three guys over the course of six months is under the lights here in sin city. Twin turbos on the LS1 helped twist the dyno to to read 1067 horsepower and 980 foot pounds of torque and make the V7 Super Coupe, as Phil from American Super Car put it - a D9 Cat in Corvette clothing. Right after bolting in the steering column before this shot was taken the crew realized the adapter hub for the steering wheel didn't exist. Phil fired up the mill at 4AM last Thursday morning and machined one so the car could get here and Mequires could put the detail on the machine for their booth. Next year promises a 1966 supercharged mid-engine drop top Vette.




I just hope a real 'vette didn't get sacrificed for this. Yes, Yes, Yes, the engineering is to die for, the interior is a tribute to Corvettes of old, and those superb engine lid hinges. Unfortunately, this is just another exercise in ego boosting for some gazillionaire with too much time and way too much money.