Scion FR-S Is The New Toyota FT-86

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The Toyota FT-86 may not be the vehicle to save Toyota from itself, as sources report the vehicle will be branded in the U.S. as the Scion FR-S, cost $25,000, and get a boring redesign. But wait, it's worse!

Since the FT-86 was first revealed we've heard nothing but conflicting bad news about the RWD, affordable sports car product Toyota's been promising.


The latest bad news comes from sources close to Toyobaru, who are saying the car's being sold in the U.S. as a Scion to prop-up the struggling brand.

Ive been sitting on this information in disbelief, however we have other confirmations in hand now. According to our inside source at Toyota the FT-86 is going to be released as a Scion in the USA. Toyota and Scion Marketing and Management adjourned across the US this past Tuesday to receive the news. Their reasons behind using Scion is reported as Marketability and pricing structure, Scions as you might know share a fixed pricing structure at all dealerships. If released as a Toyota the FT86 could be suspect to price hikes. In the end it sounded like Subaru and Toyota thought that Scion was the best choice for the FT-86, I strongly disagree.

The report also included that of a 2.5l Engine would make it to production. The current engine "marketed" with the Toyota FT-86 is only a 2.0 liter. The choice of the 2.5l is a good one. However they are also increasing the original entry level price range around $25,000 US.

Further, they add the vehicle's Subaru variant may end up Europe only and, the design of the vehicle we love, will be transformed into a more boring Scion-esque look.


(Hat tip to!) [Toyobaru]

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So I watched Ski Patrol (the movie) last night with my wife. Its a really corny 80's movie patrol. I grew up renting that movie on VHS at least three times a year. I LOVED it. rocket skiis, parasail-skiis, cross dressing dance competition to get bail money for a framed partoler? yeah it had it all. After watching it I thought to myself...was that awesome just because I remember it being awesome? no. it was just awesome.

Though looking at it with fresh eyes revealed poor production values, and a loose story to say the least. My wife thought it was random, and weird and we both agreed that we probably wouldn't go see it in the theaters if it came out today, after all, i still haven't seen hot tub time machine. Despite that, i hunted long and hard to find a copy. I needed it.

What does this have to do with anything? Remember the AE-86? It was ugly, not very well powered (stock) and was generally regarded by true enthusiast of its day as a daily grocery getter for grandma. Its only through the forgiving lens of time we see the truly great nature of the car, overlooking its past and flaws. This car is the Original cult classic. Like most cult classics, The AE-86 was actually only MOSTLY good things. Things that are quirky and generally receive a poor initial reception. Think back to your favorite 80's movie. Does it really stand the test of time outside your memories?

Give this little car time. So what if its not exactly what we wanted, its still mostly good. Good job Toyota (or should I say, mr. Toyoda) for actually producing a car with at least some sporting credentials. Im hoping for all the best for this little thing. I WANT this to be a cult car. The world needs more cars with the potential this car has.

p.s. watch ski patrol...its AWESOME!