Remember how everyone was super giddy for the youthful and affordable Toyota FT-86 sports coupe? It'll be just like that... except neither youthful nor affordable. At least it's still RWD.

A report from Autocar indicates the price of the FT-86 is going to rise in Japan from the intended $20,000 entry price to around $23,000 to a fully-loaded $26,000. Even worse, the team is focusing on reducing fuel consumption from the car's Subaru-sourced boxer powerplant instead of increasing power.

The head of Toyota's sports vehicle department also told Autocar they're increasing the target age from the 30s to the 40s after "after market research revealed that fewer younger buyers would opt for the sleek coupé than first thought."

Clearly, raising the price and lowering the fun-factor is the way to attract even more 30-year-olds. Older boring people can buy Solaras. Well, used Solaras. We hope there's no plan to use this car to fill the Camry coupe-sized hole the company's lineup. [Autocar]