Illustration for article titled Toyota FT-86: Rumors Of My Redesign Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

There have been some filthy rumors floating 'round the internet about a possible redesign of the almost-too-good-to-be-true Toyota FT-86. Turns out, they're completely untrue.


A two-door Toyota that's rear wheel drive, Subaru boxer-powered and actually pretty cool looking?! Unpossible! No, it's true, but the pessimists at Japanese buff book Holiday Auto ran a salacious tale of redesign claiming infighting between Toyota Europe Design Development and Toyota Technical Center's design groups and a pending redesign as a result.

Well, Jaromir Cech, senior designer at Toyota Europe Design Development, has come out and quashed those rumors. The FT-86 we know and can't wait for is in no danger of a major redesign. The only thing the car's in for is dimension-stretching to meet crash and pedestrian impact requirements. Also, a realistic interior treatment.

We're told to expect the production version of the FT-86 at Geneva. We hope so — it's a Toyota that's actually got us giddy with excitement. (Hat tip to markjwest!) [Toyobaru]

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