You’re not stuck staring at a computer or your phone on New Year’s Eve, are you? I hope not. But if so, here’s some reading material.

While your hardworking Jalopnik staff started on the Brefass Scotch hours ago, our last act was to round up all our year-end review posts for your perusal and enjoyment. Here they are in one handy place in case you’re bored.


Have fun and don’t do anything we wouldn’t do. (That list is very short.)

Every Single Vehicle We Reviewed In 2015

This past year it felt like we drove damn near everything. From Subaru rally cars to the Bentley Mulsanne Speed. From a Power Wheels to a McLaren 650S. From an Audi TT, to an Audi TT, to an Audi TT a third time, because sometimes we all disagree and everyone is wrong, including ourselves. This is every single car we reviewed in 2015.

My Corrections For 2015


Despite what my dentist keeps telling me, I’m human. Aside from having a bunch of hair and fingers, that means that I do, sometimes, make mistakes. And I’ve made plenty this year. So I want to make things right. Here’s my corrections for the ten biggest mistakes I’ve made this year:

My Year In Nissan Skyline, Hummer And Other Car Adventures


There comes a time in every person’s life when he takes stock of his last year and he remembers all the wonderful time he spent with family, and friends, and colleagues, and also how he crushed a wood-paneled Chrysler PT Cruiser with a giant sport-utility vehicle that looks like Big Bird.

The Most Popular Oppositelock Posts Of 2015


To some, traffic, “uniques” or clicks are dumb ways of measuring how good a site is. Amusingly however, those numbers however make Jalopnik’s reader forum bigger than some established automotive websites. Here are the most read stories from Oppositelock this past year.

Tell Us About The Best And Worst Cars You Drove In 2015


For reasons I cannot understand, people keep giving Jalopnik writers cars to drive. This year our best cars ranged from the new Miata to the McLaren 570S, and our worsts included the Chevy Trax and a monstrous machine called the Hoffman. How was your driving year?

10 Car Things That Should Have Happened In 2015


Many, many car-related things and events and happenings and occurrences thinged, evented, happened, and occurred in 2015, and yet there’s still so very many that didn’t. Things that should have happened, yet, sometimes sadly, sometimes surprisingly, didn’t. Here’s the 10 things that should have happened this past automotive year.

The Worst Cars (And Trucks, And Bikes, And Other Crap) We Drove In 2015


It was easy for us to name the best cars we drove in 2015. Picking the worst ones, believe it or not, was a lot harder.

Ten Things That Pissed You Off Most In 2015


Not everything was all loud race cars and smiley Miatas in 2015.

The Most Popular Jalopnik Stories Of 2015


Traffic, “uniques,” clicks, or whatever you want to call them, are all really dumb ways for measuring how good a story is. But very occasionally, incredible stories aren’t just brilliant, they’re also wildly popular. So with that in mind, these were the most popular stories we published in the past year.

The Very Best Jalopnik Stories Of 2015


Some automotive publications are happy bringing their audiences nothing but sleep-inducing reviews of press cars, dispatches from shrimp-filled junkets, repackaged press releases and bone dry industry news. At Jalopnik, we do things a little differently.

The Best Cars (And Trucks, And Bikes) We Drove In 2015


Looking through the cars Jalopnik has driven in 2015, I’m not sure there has been a better year for driving. At least, not in many decades.

The Very Best Jalopnik Videos Of 2015


My Uncle Nick and I don’t always get to talk. A shame, considering he’s one of the true car guys in my family. While on the phone with him late last night, I did the math—seven months since we last spoke. He asked me, “What’s new?” I started with, “So Jalopnik started a YouTube channel...and 90,000 subscribers later, here we are.” But what happened in the middle? Here’s what I told him.

The 30 Craziest Moments In Racing Of 2015


America was built on speed. Hot, nasty, badass speed. (Other countries do it too, we’ve heard.) But sometimes the speed brings us some truly unexpected moments. To say that it was hard to narrow this list down to a top 30 was an understatement. However, that’s just what we’ve done: here are the 30 craziest, least expected, wildest, most baffling and/or most wonderful racing moments of 2015.

Top photo, Accumoto 911 photo credit Kurt Bradley

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