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Save The Dikes! Ferrari 599 Burns In Holland

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.

Here's what we've gotten from our tipster on the above and below pictures. As we don't speak Dutch worth a damn, we're going to have to go with WT on this one until we hear otherwise. He's telling us:

"Yesterday in Holland a Ferrari 599 just burned spontaniously...They were standing at the traffic-lights and then they saw some flames passengers are oke...The car was in the Dutch Ferrari 60 Relay 2 day's ago also."


All we know is we've seen a lot of spontaneous car combustion as of late in Europe. Although wait — I don't think any of those ones we saw back in January were "spontaneous."

Ferrari 599 GTB in de hens []

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^ I think that if you've gotten to the point where your Ferrari is going to burst into flames, there is some irreperable structural damage to the car.

I love the inexplicably open trunk. "Oh my GOD my Ferrari is on FIRE!! OH MY GOD MY GROCERIES ARE IN THE TRUNK!! "