Fonctionnement! Fonctionnement! Sauvage dans les Rues! 400 Cars Torched in France

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Yawn. Another new year, another 400 cars set ablaze in the former land of the Frankish kings. However, the LA Times reports that the mayhem quotient was down from last year, when surly youths attacked trains. And while we doubt any '64 Valiants were involved, we wouldn't be surprised if numerous handfuls of valium and copious quantities of beer were.

Cars set afire in holiday violence [LA Times]

A Riot of Our Own: How to Torch a Car [Internal]

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Wow they said that this is a regular event. Oh, I don't know maybe after the 60th car is getting burned you might think about trying to stop it??? It's not like it was totally unexpected. Here is an idea for next year: Park in a garage, at the airport or maybe near a fire department so that when the other 399 other cars are burning you will have a good chance of saving yours.