Long Island Corvette Z06 Has One Last Smokey Burnout

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Oh man, talk about a shitty day. That's what the owner of this lovely red Z06 Corvette had yesterday over in Long Island, the day after having a new exhaust installed on his car. In fact, we'll let skelzy of M3Forum.com tell the tale, with a gallery of his pics below:

So I'm chillin on my way home from work today when all of a sudden a red vette passes me on the right shoulder and its ON FIRE! I'm like " Holy Sh*t, I gotta see this" so i follow him about a block and he pulls into a goodyear tire store near my house. As I pull up I realize its the new Z06. WOW. I pull up and the owner is out of the car and watching it being consumed in flames...


[Corvette Z06 Up In Smoke Gallery]

"...right in front of him. The guys at goodyear come running out with a fire extinguisher and put out the fire, or so they thought. I asked the owner if he was ok and he said yes. He said he heard something from underneath the car on the highway but didnt realize it was on fire until he exited, which is when he passed me. I asked if he was beating it or what? He said no, but the dealer recently installed a new exhaust on the car. I was like "ooohhhhh"! Just then, the goodyear guys started yelling at us to move away because it was on fire again. This time it spread quickly and I really thought the gas tank was gonna explode. Then, the local fire dept. arrived and started dousing the car with the fire hoses. I mean DOUSING! The fire chief walkes over to us and tells the owner that the car is gone and not salvagable, but they would try to be as careful with as they could. As soon as he said that, the firemen went to work on the car with pic-ax and heavy ax. They smashed the trunk window and started to pull off the body work with the ax's. I personally am not a fan of the vettes, but it was heartbreaking to see this beautiful Z06 being torn apart after it has just burned to the ground. I asked the owner if he minded if I took a few pics and he said not at all."

Well dude, maybe you should have gone to the dealer — 'cause man, I somehow don't think that's covered under GM's new 100,000 mile warranty thing.

New Z06 catches fire next to me! (Pics) [M3Forum.net via Autoblog]


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