Running Out Of Dance Partners: Renault-Nissan Denies Interest In Chrysler Group

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Seriously, the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid's been shunned by the likes of Fiat and Hyundai, and now they've been denied by the cross-global alliance of Renault-Nissan. The Wall Street Journal's reporting Renault Chief Financial Officer Thierry Moulonguet as telling investors in London that the Renault-Nissan duo isn't interested in Chrysler in any manner. In addition, spokeswoman Madoka Soma has made it clear they're dealing with their own problems at the moment,

"As Mr. Ghosn has said, the company right now is as it is today because it has its own problems inside and we're not going outside to look for the solutions...we're not in a rush for a partner."

Well that makes sense. They've got their own NorAm issues right now. But, I feel kind of bad for Chrysler Group CEO Tom LaSorda. I kind of wish I'd actually given him a Valentine during their recent bloodletting. You know, just to show him we cared.


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