Illustration for article titled Breaking Valentines Heart! Chrysler Group Gets 11,000 Job Cuts And Two Plant Closures

It looks like based on early reports this will be one hell of a terrible Valentine's Day for Chrysler employees in Missouri and Delaware. That's because The New York Times is reporting:

"The plan is expected to include the elimination of about 11,000 blue- and white-collar jobs along with the closing of one and possibly two assembly plants — in Delaware and Missouri — people with direct knowledge of the plan said this week. Chrysler may shut smaller plants elsewhere..."


Talk about a shitty Valentine's Day card, eh? We're really looking forward to how Tom LaSorda's gonna let them down easy. I'm betting he'll use the 'ol "it's not you, it's me" line. That's totally what I'd use. But the city of Detroit should look on the bright side, because the rumors are also swirling in the blustery and cold Detroit air (and yes, Jerry Garrett, there is a blizzard), that much of the production cuts from those two plants will be moving to plants in the Metro Detroit area. Well, at least the Chrysler Group'd be giving someone some good news this Valentine's Day. Luckily we'll be there to cover the heart break live over at the Auburn Hills DaimlerChrysler Tech Center and NorAm HQ tomorrow morning. I'm totally bringing chocolates and flowers.

Chrysler to Announce Job Cuts and Plant Closings [NYT]


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