One Down: Wolfgang Exits Stage Left At VW, Will Chrysler Group's LaSorda Be Next?

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Reports are coming in Wolfgang Bernhard was just told he's no longer allowed to be representin' Deutschland and Ferdinand "Fergie" Piech has moved his buddy Winterkorn into the vacated spot. Bernhard, the main man for the VDub brand, and former DaimlerChrysler exec, is leaving Volkswagen at the end of this month, although we've yet to hear whether it was on his own terms or if the Supervisory Group's doing the canning. That distinction could be significant in coming months if Bernhard looks to join his good buddy Dr. Dieter Zetsche for another stint at the German-American hybrid. But since the rumors are he'd be taking over on the 'merican side of the cross-continental merger of equals, we of course have to wonder what's up with current Chrysler Group CEO Tom LaSorda (pictured to the left, and with much more of a deer-in-the-headlights-stare, of Bernhard). Despite the man-love LaSorda received this week from the good Doctor at the Detroit show, he's still in the hot seat over his retention of production schedules seemingly not in touch with reality. I mean, maybe his reality — but when you're stuffing Jeeps into trains parked outside a Best Western in Allen Park — that's not so much good. The key issue here's going to be whether or not the two-year post-VDub non-compete's going to still be in play for Bernhard. What we do know is he'll be available just in time for the next DaimlerChrysler board meeting, scheduled to take place on Valentine's Day. We know we'll be keeping a close eye on this one, as well as making sure to check and see if Dr. Z. is getting any of those little candy hearts printed up saying "Will you be my new executive?"


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