Not-So-Happy Valentine's Day! Is February 14th An Important Date For Chrysler Group CEO Tom LaSorda?

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Chris Vander Doelen of the Windsor Star, the main newspaper of the Canuckian hamlet on the other side of the river from Detroit, claims he's got himself a source telling him when the get 'er done date for a Chrysler Group turnaround by Windsor's hometown hero, Tom LaSorda, needs to be under way. The CEO if the 'merican side of the German-American alliance, was born and raised in Windsor, and if Vander Doelen's source is correct,

"he's got until Feb. 14 — that's when the board meets in Detroit..."

Hmm, that'd be a helluva crappy V-day gift from the DaimlerChrylser exec board, wouldn't it? I kind of hope they'll at least bring him chocolates and flowers if he ends up getting canned — and maybe a nice card. Hey, Dr. Z — if the board decides to fire Tom, please feel free to use the card from above if you can't find anything nice at Hallmark.


LaSorda under gun to fix Chrysler woes [Windsor Star]

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