While our main man from the West-side of the US of A brought you the product love from Mercedes, I'm here on this side of the 8 Mile line to get all obsessed with the industry insider stuff. So of course I was all over the man-love going on at the reveal for the more Bruce side of the German-American hybrid. Because given the sales banking of excess production going on over in Auburn Hills (and Detroit Metro Airport, the State Fairgrounds, lots and of course — empty trains behind the Best Western in Allen Park) any public love being shown to Chrysler Group CEO Tom LaSorda by the boss man, Dr. Z, is probably sorely appreciated. That's why the following little hug n' bump with DaimlerChrysler boss-man Dieter Zetsche must have felt so good to Windsor's favorite son. Heckuva job there, Tommy.


Bluetec, 4Matic, Ocean Drive and Emmitt Smith: Mercedes-Benz Detroit Press Intro [internal]

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