Bluetec, 4Matic, Ocean Drive and Emmitt Smith: Mercedes-Benz Detroit Press Intro

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See! Zetsche on Ice! Before he sauntered across the street to slake the thirst of a teeming mass of boozehound autojournos and sycophants at the Firehouse, Dr. Zed took to the ice rink after a rather inexplicable intro involving a man on a sled pulled by some ripe-smelling dogs. What followed was an orgy of winter sport including ice dancing, hockey and other whatsits while 4Matic-equipped Benzos cruised the frozen H20 on Bridgestone Blizzak tires.


After the celebration of Merc's 100 years of 4WD, Herr Doktor Thomas Weber took the stage to explain the joys of Bluetec, referring to the company's new eight-pot clean diesel featuring urea-injection to scrub emissions as a "Wee-8." He did this unintentionally. We giggled ourselves silly.

Dieter returned to center ice to introduce the new four-door droptop Ocean Drive concept, which reminded us a bit of a cross between an S-Class/Roller/Audi/Chrysler Imperial Concept. We're not necessarily sure that Mercedes pulled it off with this one, unless, of course, vaguely ungainly is the new stately. But hey, Emmitt Smith showed up, so that's something, we guess.

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