Hyundai "Has Its Hands Full," Not Interested In Chrysler

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According to UK's The Times, the South Korean automotive tower-building power of Hyundai's all up in Chrysler's chrome to get a piece of the sale action of the 'merican side of the German- American hybrid. Unfortunately when Hyundai's spokesman Jake Jang was asked today by the AP whether there was any truth to that tasty tidbit of industry news, the response was pretty clear:

"We are not considering to buy Chrysler because our hands are full..."

We guess that does make sense, what with them dealing with Hyundai's Chairman, Chung Mong-koo be sentenced last month to three years in prison on embezzlement charges and "breach of trust/" But well, that clears that one up. Come on chaps, let's run off and find another automaker to speculate about now — first one across the ocean to China's a rotten egg!

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