Hyundai Interested In Chrysler? Yes, Hyundai.

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Oy, this whole "let's sell the Chrysler Group" thing that Dr. Z has going on is taking another turn for the weird. The Times UK's now reporting that the Korean car company with a lot of vowels is now interested in the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid. The paper's reporting on the entire issue should be weighed with at least a little skepticism as they've covered the GM discussions as though interest in the Chrysler Group's fait accompli:

"GM, still the world's biggest car company, is also interested in buying Chrysler, a move that would speed a much-needed reduction of output by North American carmakers."


We've no idea what source they've got or who's saying it to whom, but we do know one thing — Hyundai doing it "for access to Chrysler's valuable dealer network" doesn't really ring in our mind as being all that "valuable."

Hyundai revs up in race for Chrysler deal [TimesOnline]

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