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Return Of The Rampage: Chrysler Mulling Car-Based Pickup?

Illustration for article titled Return Of The Rampage: Chrysler Mulling Car-Based Pickup?

When the Car God's close doors they open windows, so when GM cancels the 2010 Pontiac G8 ST, news surfaces Chrysler is considering a car-based pickup truck. Can you say Rampage?


With full-size pickup sales lagging, and the Dodge Ram falling to fourth place in sales behind the Toyota Tundra, Chrysler is reportedly considering the introduction of a smaller, lighter, more efficient car-based pickup with a lower price point. According to Chrysler, this new unibody platform may end up wearing the Dakota nameplate, though it's unclear whether it will be more like the Honda Ridgeline or the ill-fated G8 ST. You can expect your Camino-obsessed Jalopnik crew will be scouring the Detroit Auto Show for news. [Detroit News]


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I considered buying a Rampage back in the day, but they were so cheaply made they didn't last long in the real world.

Remember the Toyota Hilux and the other Japanese 'mini trucks'from the '70s and '80s?

Its time for that type of vehicle to come back.