Pontiac G8 ST Officially Dead: GM Kills El Camino...Again

We knew it was on the bubble, but just moments ago, Pontiac told dealers they plan to kill the Pontiac G8 ST. Yup, GM's killed the El Camino. Again.


Really, ever since we saw the Pontiac G3, we kind of knew the brand was moving away from the direction the brand deserved to be and into...well...something else. We also knew the new coming of the El Camino was on the ropes. So the news today from our sources with knowledge of the arrowheaded brand's product direction wasn't entirely unexpected.

The General's recent cash problems only heightened the reality. We're disappointed, of course, but we were more disappointed when the news came out the pickup-truck-ized G8 wasn't going to get the El Camino name plate. Well, it's over. Guess we can cross the G8 ST off our list of cars we want to buy in the new year. We're going to go and hit up CraigsList

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