REPORT: Toyota Plans Stripped-Down, Track-Ready FT-86

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According to England's EVO Magazine, there's a lighter, track-ready version of the Toyota FT-86 planned that will drop the price from around $27,000 to $22,000 while adding stiffer suspension and stronger brakes. We'll take two.


The Toyota FT-86 concept is the fruit of cooperation between Toyota Motor Company and Subaru, and as such will wear a common chassis and some degree of engine commonality. The shared 2.0 liter, four-cylinder boxer engine, dubbed the "C-45 Boxer" and making between 200 and 250 HP, will power the rear wheels through a manual six speed transmission, and get this — no hybrid system.

Perhaps most telling are the car's overall dimensions. At 163.7 inches long, 69.3 inches, a wheelbase of 101.2 inches, and 49.6 inches high, it's thankfully compact, smaller in length, width and height than the Nissan 370Z, and slightly longer in wheelbase.

EVO goes on to report that that the FT-86 will adopt some as-yet-unknown name by the time it hits dealers some time in 2011 and that it could built in Subaru's Indiana plant, along with the Subaru Coupe, and share some chassis components with the new Subaru Legacy. [via FT-86 Club]


I'm all for stripper models, but seriously, there's already an FT-86 Club? The car only exists in concept form and engineering mules at this point; what do they do, trade FT-86 cards?

FT-86 with Koni shocks, GO!

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