2011 Subaru Coupe Spied On The ‘Ring, Again

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Subaru engineers must be going gangbusters on the Nurburgring this week, this is the second time in two days that the 2011 Subaru Coupe's been spied lapping there. The gallery below shows the car in gruesome detail.

Co-developed with the Toyota FT-86, the Subaru should be mechanically very similar yet beneath the camo appears to depart radically from the FT-86's handsome proportions.


Like the FT-86, the Subaru coupe will be rear-wheel drive and use a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine putting out something between 200 and 250 HP through a six-speed transmission. Expect both cars to be smaller in length, width, height and weight than the Nissan 370Z, yet feature a longer wheelbase of 101.2 inches. [via DiabloMotor]

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If this came from anyone else you guys would screaming bloody murder.

Don't get me wrong, I love the front, and hell I like the back; I just don't like THAT front with THAT back. I mean cmon, they could have at least lined up the windows, or even make a slope from the bottom of the front to the bottom of the back. Ugh. #2011subarucoupe