Report: Cadillac Escalade Likely Joining Enclave, Outlook, Traverse On Lambda Platform

That bastion of bling second only to the Hummer H2, the Cadillac Escalade, is being downsized, according to a new report from the folks who forecast trends in motors. The next Escalade would likely be yanked from the current body-on-frame GMT900 platform and developed instead on the Lambda crossover platform that underpins the Chevy Traverse, Buick Enclave, Saturn Outlook and GMC Acadia. A V8 engine is rumored to be required for any possible downsizing to happen, and Lambda is said to be able to accomodate such a mill; whether it will be the corporate 5.3-liter unit or something altogether different remains to be seen. Whither Escalade EXT? Apparently it could go to the Zeta platform or get dropped altogether. Jalopnik Snap Judgment: Those old enough to think "Cimmaron" anytime someone mentions a downsized Cadillac probably shouldn't be too concerned: The current Buick Enclave demonstrates that Lambda is well-suited for luxury duty, and GM's efforts at interior and exterior styling differentiation among its various brands show the company is taking each division's uniqueness seriously. With a V8 featuring Active Fuel Management and some readjustment of the 6-speed tranny's shift points, we'll bet a Lambda-based Escalade would see a significant jump in sales over the current truck version. [Automobile; Photo Credit:]


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