Report: Lutz Confirms Holden Ute-Based GMC Concept At NY Auto Show, Is The Crewamino Nigh?

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It looks as though Maximum Bob Lutz has confirmed to Australian website GoAuto that a four door truck concept based on the Zeta platform will be appearing at the New York Auto Show as a GMC. While we can't be sure this is the precursor to the new El Camino we keep asking about, what we're picturing in our head is totally a four-door El Camino. Specifically he said "We will have a ute concept at the NY show, but that is going to be badged GMC... and a very interesting study in that it is a GMC tough-looking four-door ute that could then obviously be badged as a Holden for Australia." A lot of people have taken to thinking this refers to the Holden Crewman, which didn't get updated like the other Utes in Holden's lineup.

As expected, the new El Camino would likely be a Pontiac, which Lutz hints at by saying "Pontiac would be focused on sporty, high-performance passenger type of vehicles, and that's where the ute fits, that's where the G8 fits, and that's where the Pontiac Solstice fits - and that's how we want to focus that channel." It's like music to our ears. Go on over to Go Auto to see all the details on how this could be the new El Camino. [GoAuto via Winding Road]

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TexanIdiot25- needs moar horse powah

It would sell great in the US, IF MARKETED RIGHT. We had an absolutly HUGE discussion about brining the Ute here to the us on [] a few months back. What we could all agree on is MARKETING had to be spot on.

With the crewmen, gotta market the performance, utility, MPG, and the 4 doors. Notice that most pickups that yuppies buy are 4-door trucks anyways.

The G8 Ute, it has to be pure utility and performance.

MARKETING is key with this one. I posted the Ute on several forums, and 1st just went with pictures. Guaging interest off that, later posted the performance, and some videos. Most folks flipped out with how mad this thing was. Loved the looks, and had an orgasm over the power. And with a 8 foot bed I think the Ute had, utility is prime.