Chinese carmaker Changfeng and US defense contractor AM General are looking to team up for a bid to buy Hummer from GM. Feel free to begin construction on that fallout shelter now.

Those paranoid about China's ability to beat us in a war are going to go insane when they find out a Chinese company may team up with a defense contractor to buy Hummer as part of the Carpocalypse.

Zhengchu Chen, General Manager of China's Chengfeng Motors, told reporters the company was in talks with AM General, the original manufacturer of the Hummer brand and a major provider of vehicles for the US military (think HumVees, which AM General still builds for the U.S. military), over acquiring the brand. It is no secret Hummer is for sale, though we'd heard Chinese automaker Chengfeng was no longer interested. Apparently, Chengfeng didn't want to do it alone and the combination of Chinese capital with AM General production capacity is a win-win for the two companies. But who loses?


The idea of a Chinese company buying the exceptionally Amerigasmic brand Hummer is likely to ruffle a nationalistic feather or two, but Chinese currency buying up American property is something that's been going on for some time. The idea of the Chinese hooking up with the same company better known for producing military Humvees and trucks may drive some nuts.

Of course, the Hummer is no longer considered the military vehicle of the future and AM General already signed a contract to build boxy Taxis, an area the Chinese already own. Since the two would more than likely form a joint venture rather than merging, it isn't as if the Chinese would be responsible for making US military vehicles. At least not yet.


Still, this is something to think about when people claim it is better for the US auto industry to fail. What are we going to do when we go to war with China? Ask them to build us our tanks? All we know is we imagine John Milius is probably freaking out by now. Hat tip to Brian!

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