GM: Sale Of Hummer Is "Urgent"

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Automotive News reports that GM President and Chief Operating Officer Fritz Henderson told reporters at a recent press conference in India that the sale of the Hummer brand is on an "urgent basis." That's no surprise, since General Motors is predicting a US vehicle market of around 14 million units for 2008, down from 16 million units last year. Why the statement was made in India, we have no idea, since Mahindra has denied interest in buying Hummer. Perhaps Tata could still be thinking about a purchase? [via Automotive News, Sub. Req.]


Ash78, voting early and often

I still don't see why GM didn't partially reinvent Hummer as the eco-friendly offroaders. Hybrid powertrains for both torque AND around-town driveability. Diesel options. Neither are available. The brand still has a lot of cachet, at least among poseurs.

Plus, they could easily sell all of those Quonset Hut dealerships to some nouveau fitness club, the ones where they post rules against grunting while exercising (but that's not really exercising). And they could call the fitness club something with "24-hour" in the name, but it wouldn't actually be open 24 hours. More poseurs.