Geely's London Taxi Coming To Detroit Auto Show, Sale In US

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Put on your finest top hat governor! Among the cars that Geely will be bringing to the Detroit Auto Show this year is the London Taxi, which as its name suggests is their version of the recognizable black English cab. The Chinese automaker has made a deal with the largest British maker of these cabs (Manganese Bronze Holdings) to produce the classy black boxes in Shanghai on-the-cheap and then hopefully bring them to the US for sale by 2010. The free market works! Below are some photos of the British TX4 version:

Geely will likely also bring versions of the Free Cruiser, China Dragon, Vision and Sea Breeze to Detroit. We'll be there to cover all of the cross-border, cross-cultural fun. [Auto News Europe (Sub. Req.)]


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If they're anything like the originals they're based on...well, I had the single most thrilling taxi ride of my life when I told a London cabbie that I was trying to catch a train to get to an airport so I could get my stored luggage then catch a bus to catch my plane.

He basically went Top Gear on me through the tiny little streets of London, and I'm pretty sure he broke every single speed limit sign on the way there. If you know what the streets in london are like, this meant the cab was swerving around corners every 10 seconds. Fun times.