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Rallying Is So Complicated It Takes Six Minutes To Learn How To Read Directions

The first thing that you discover when you do a rally is that it’s just about the most fun you can have in a car. The second thing you discover is it is a humongous amount of work to even begin to run an event.


Take the route book, for instance.

Multiple champion co-driver Martin Headland at the Team O’Neil Rally School is one of the best navigators and organizers in the rally scene. It takes him six solid minutes to explain how the route book works.


The system is remarkably helpful and easy to use once you get the hang of it, but it takes a decent investment of time to figure out the Google-Maps-on-steroids directions it gives. That’s sort of how everything works in rally. You have to work to get the hang of it, but everything works and is there for a reason.

It’s a great video for anyone looking to get started in rallying, and it’s a fascinating exhibition of how much planning and organization it takes to conduct a real rally.

What’s funny is that even after all that, the routebook only gives you instructions on how you get from A to B during a race weekend. It doesn’t even get into how you read the directions for your flat-out stages!

That is a much more involved process.


Hat tip to Wyatt Knox for sending this over!

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T off the New

One of my favorite things to do if a friend is driving (and I’ve been drinking) is pretend to be the rally navigator.

“flat left over crest 40 left 4 plus long”