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R.I.P., The Most Famous Tree In Racing

Illustration for article titled R.I.P., The Most Famous Tree In Racing

Sad news for race fans as the iconic Oak Tree at the Virginia International Raceway collapsed today after cracking at the base and falling on the on the track. It's the most recognizable landmark at the facility, marking the apex at the Oak Tree Turn.


Here's the statement from the VIR Facebook Page:

Alton, VA, July 2, 2113 – There is no easy way to say this – The Oak Tree is down. The iconic landmark that has come to symbolize VIRginia International Raceway has fallen, broken at the base.

“We are in shock and mourning,” said track owner Connie Nyholm. “We’re too busy right now trying to get the racetrack cleared of debris. We are grateful no one was at the corner station or on track when she fell and that there is no damage to the track surface. Tomorrow we’ll begin to get our arms around what this really means, but I can tell you that it means more than any of us want to think about today.”

The massive oak stood sentinel at the south end of the racetrack, looking out from the highest point on the property at the sprawling facility and its 3.27 miles of serpentine asphalt that has come to be regarded as the most challenging in North America, if not the world.

Its branches shaded the apex of the legendary Oak Tree Turn, looking down on the likes of Roger Penske, Walt Hansgen, Tom Kristensen and Richard Petty as well as a host of race drivers from the brilliant to the not so.

“I can tell you this,” Nyholm said, “The Oak Tree will live on in our minds and hearts, and we will give it an appropriate send-off. Please email your thoughts and suggestions to for proper ways to honor this old friend.”


I've had the pleasure of both racing around the Oak Tree turn and watching other people do so. No word yet on a replacement or a cause, although we've had a lot of rain in Virginia the last week or so.

Photo: Getty Images

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I suggest they build the podium out of it. There's got to be enough oak there to do it.