So, let’s say you try and microwave a sandwich made from a piece of the True Cross, some ham, a fistful of tachyon particles, mustard, all on a bagel, and when you do it causes a severe enweirdening of spacetime so that every car’s front suddenly becomes its rear. What cars do you think will fare best?

This microwave-tachyon-ham-spacetime reaction does at least follow DOT standards, so headlamps have been transmorgrified into taillights and vice-versa. Everything’s nice and legal.

I think ‘60s-era Fords would lend themselves well thanks to the round taillight motif they used and the distinctive ass-faces those made, but I’m sure there’s many other good options.

Show me some! Let’s really think this through so we’re all prepared when it happens! I mean, I have all the ingredients ready for the sandwich right here except for the True Cross bits, and a guy on Craigslist is sure he can score me that before next week.