Question Of The Day: Where Does It End?

The Bugatti Veyron is faster than the fastest racecar ever built. At top speed its tires – which cost more than your car – die after 12 minutes. SSC's Ultimate Aero TT can probably go faster still. Ferrari is hard at work on the Enzo replacement. The Enzo could go 217 mph. In the meantime, the FXX sports 850 hp and changes gears exactly as fast as an F1 car. Both Cadillac and Jaguar will soon be unleashing 500+ hp mid-size sedans. The new Audi RS 6 will most likely sport a twin-turbo V10. My $25K station wagon is as fast as the sports cars from the 80s and no doubt handles better. The above pic is Lolo Ferrari, a stripper/porn star/singer who chewed through surgeons before finally achieving a 71" bust. Then she killed herself. Sigmund Freud said, "The goal of all life is death." Where are we going? And why are we getting there so fast?

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