Not to be too egomaniacal, but I'm a good driver. I've never caused an accident. I get a good driver's discount from my insurance company. I've had more than my fair share of tickets, but every one has been for speeding on empty freeways, not reckless driving. True, there was that one where I was going 55 mph in a 35 mph zone, but so was the guy next to me and the half-a-dozen cars behind us. i was just in the wrong lane at the wrong time. To recap, me = good driver. But, even I do something stupid once in a while. And by once in awhile I mean fairly often. And gawking at female joggers is my weakness. So the question becomes how do you let other drivers know you are sorry? How do you explain to them that you were just looking at boobs, or admiring an MG in the next lane? You're a good person and driver, you didn't mean to change lanes blind minus a turn signal. But how do you let those around you know that you're sorry? (Cheers to camp6ell for today's QOTD)

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