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Who Uber Alles? E39 M5 Or RS 4?

Illustration for article titled Who Uber Alles? E39 M5 Or RS 4?

Once again, Herr Johnson and I managed to spend five hours arguing with each other over instant messenger. Only this time we were not half-joking about DAF vs. FAF, but rather quite seriously calling each other soulless turds over which legendary German Q-ship is better. In the Ingolstadt corner, weighing in at 3,800 or so pounds, Audi's hyperactive precision machine, the RS 4. And from south of the Black Forest, weighing 150 pounds more and making 26 hp less, the car that God would drive if he drove a car, the BMW E39 M5! Davey said that the RS 4 was numb, had rotten seats and a compromised chassis. I pointed out that the RS 4 is lighter, more powerful, grippier, has a better gearbox and is even more stealth. Plus, the RS 4 handles like a very, very wet dream. He explained how the old M5 has a perfect chassis. I said the RS 4's is more perfect. He called me a jerk. I called him a tool. And then we started talking about the RS 4 vs. an Evo. And then Nash Bridges. So, we have bigger problems. But what do you think?


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Al Navarro

I'm with Jonny on this one. Mostly because of the fact that a few years back, I followed a 540 in my A4 Avant home from work in an ice storm. It was scary to watch that thing try and get traction, so I did the gentlemanly thing and passed him on an uphill.

Yes, I know it doesn't snow all that frequently where we live, and that the Audi's supremacy it has more to do with me having Blizzaks and Quattro, but I'm sure I got home faster than that guy did. And with less sweat.