The reason that the Angry Hamsters don't have room for the supercharged Studebaker Lark at their shop is a really good one: there's a Hayabusa-powered Mazda Miata in the works!

We're seeing the captains of two motorcycle-engined-car LeMons teams and Eyesore Racing Ghettocharged Miata Starship madman Dave Coleman involved in this project, and the end result should be spec-freakin'-tacular. Unlike most Hayabusa-into-car swaps, this one ditches the fragile motorcycle transmission and substitutes some pretty slick custom-machined hardware that allows the use of a Miata transmission. In addition, they're making a special header, front subframe (yes, they've got a jig that will allow the construction of more Miatabusa subframes), wiring harness, and so on. Check out Dave's writeup on MotoIQ for all the super-geeked-out details!