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Porsche to Volkswagen: We Will Not Break You!

Illustration for article titled Porsche to Volkswagen: We Will Not Break You!

The headline's dialog snip contains an awkward metaphor to be sure. Porsche's HQ is a few clicks to the West of Ivan Drago's crimson homeland, and Volkswagen logically has more in common with a Philadelphia cheesesteak than with Rocky Balboa. But the sentiment is there: Porsche's going out of its way to assure VW workers it won't leverage its new right to buy the Wolfsburg company as a means to bust it apart. This week, Porsche, led by CEO Wendelin "Not to Be Trifled With" Wiedeking formed a new holding company after getting some good news from German courts, which struck down the "Volkswagen law" preventing any entity from controlling more than a third of VW. The rampaging Stuttgarters took out full-page newspaper ads reiterating an intent to keep the two companies separate, with VW remaining in "its current form." But as Reuters reports, union bosses are less than impressed with the outreach, which they note, states nothing about VW's future. Are we witnessing the beginning of a labor war to end all labor wars, or are we just phoning in this sentence by using an obvious historical reference? Find out this winter, at a barricade near you. [Reuters]


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@jeremyc: With Porsche the gremlins just get more expensive.