Law enforcement agencies from across the U.S. have reached out to Jalopnik for help with car identifications since your input was "critical" to solving a hit-and-run earlier this year.


On July 28, commenters tried to help detectives in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. with the tragic hit-and-run of 19-year-old Rebecca McCallick, who was struck and killed in front of her apartment four days earlier.

Making matters worse: Police had little to go on, what with the surveillance footage they had being grainy.

Well, tipster PlaysWithCars was kind enough to email a few links indicating that police there had released new photos in an attempt to identify the driver who killed a woman described as a "total sweetheart" by others at King's College.


From the Wilkes-Barre Police Department:

The Wilkes-Barre Police Department has released a new photo of a vehicle of interest in the hit and run incident that killed Rebecca McCallick, 19, on Hazle Street in the early morning hours of July 24.

The vehicle is a dark-colored pick-up truck traveling southward on Wilkes-Barre Boulevard towards the intersection of Hazle Street and Wilkes-Barre Boulevard where the incident occurred.

The photo was captured from the Wilkes-Barre citywide surveillance camera system. The vehicle appears at 2:19 a.m. prior to the hit-and-run. Detectives believe that the driver of this vehicle may have information that would aid the investigation.


Take a look and let's see if we can come up with something good for me to call and tell the Wilkes-Barre investigators.

UPDATE: On Thursday night, Wilkes-Barre Police seized a Ford F-350 in connection with the case. It was outside a home just over a mile away from where McCallick was fatally struck. No information was available about arrests.


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