Please To Watch Toyota Sedans Tested Off Road

Now is the time of watching old simple strong good normal Toyota sedans vigorously engage in abnormal activities of off roading! They test their differentials.

These are videos where Toyotas that we did not receive in the United States of America are driven hard. They are driven in Russia.


They are the Toyota Mark II, except that they are not.

These are Toyota Crestas and Chasers and Mark IIs, which are all Mark IIs, except the Crestas and Chasers are different from Mark IIs in ways that are not critical to the understanding of these videos.

Strip away the metal skins and see the inner car bones and meat. Identical guts!

This one has “Torsen inside!!!!” It is wheeled with violence and purpose. The purpose is counter to the conceptual designing done by Toyota.


What a moment of pleasure it is to see the goodness of this counter-narrative explored deeply.

Wild driving!

Power to the wheels!

Dirt is not these cars’ homes!

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Raphael Orlove

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.