Person Who Parked BMW In Wet Concrete Not Pleased About Parking BMW In Wet Concrete

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You’d think that, even without signs or cones or big yellow flashing warning lights, you’d be able to tell if you were parking in wet concrete because, well, it’s wet. That wetness didn’t seem to stop a DeKalb County, Georgia, woman from doing so with her BMW, and she’s claiming there was no signage warning her the cement was wet. The county disagrees.


According to Fox 5, Eleysia Morris says there were no signs or cones or anything when she parked her new-to-her graduation-gift BMW 3-series (E92) coupé in front of her father’s house. There was, however, a bunch of wet concrete.

The County disputes her claim that the wet pavement was unmarked, in a statement to Fox5:

“Shortly after noon on June 20, a motorist drove her red BMW car into wet concrete; inside the construction site, disregarding an installed and permitted traffic signal system, traffic barricades and flaggers. Contractors for DeKalb County were installing concrete cap as part of a new 18-inch force main pipeline system in the vicinity of 6333 Rockland Road. A tow truck was called to extricate the vehicle. However, they were unable to do so since the concrete had set up and prevented them from removing the car. The DeKalb County contractor is mobilizing to remove the concrete and extricate the car so that it can be towed from the construction site, since it is impacting public safety.”

As we’ve seen, driving into wet concrete is a very expensive mistake; I’d try to get out of it, too.

In a video on Fox5's Facebook page, Morris says a pickup truck was driving towards her, honking “aggressively,” which she attempted to avoid, ending up in the wet concrete. Was that pickup part of the construction crew, trying to warn her, unsuccessfully?

While it would be a fun bit of schadenfreude to point and laugh at the BMW driver, the truth is we’re not sure exactly what happened. If the Country proves to be correct, with flaggers and barricades and all that, then I guess point and laugh away, right?

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BMW as a graduation gift? I’m assuming she entered a 1-way construction zone illegally and the truck driving towards her was the pilot car.

I also feel it’s fairly safe to assume a cell phone was likely involved.