An unlucky 911 owner become the butt of many jokes on Friday after we showed you images of his Porsche trapped in wet cement. Now someone's found video of the guy getting his Porsche out of the wet cement.


Photos of the man who drove his Porsche 911 Carrera S into wet cement on a San Francisco street that was being repaved made the rounds of the automotive web and Facebook/Twitter on Friday, with no word of whether or not the car was safely extricated.

Lucky for the car's owner, the construction crew was able to grab some boards and muster enough strength to get the RWD car back up out of the quickly drying sludge. It was especially nice of the workers given they'll have to redo all their work.

No word on what happened next, but if it didn't involve an emergency trip to the car wash this story isn't over yet.

(Thanks to everyone for the tip!)

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