Illustration for article titled PCH, Dont Settle For Imitation Lambos Edition: Wrecked Murcielago or Long-Dormant Espada?

Welcome to Project Car Hell, where you choose your eternity by selecting the project that's the coolest... and the most hellish! Yesterday, the Warsaw Pact Hell Truck Projects ran just about neck and neck, with the trio of Romanian AROs beating the Soviet GAZ-69 in a 51:49 split. Today… well, after looking at all the backyard Lambos I've found lately, it seems like a good idea to have some real Lamborghini Hell Projects. Most of the time, it's tough to find a Lamborghini that isn't in great shape, since most of them don't exactly wear out their odometers during their lifetimes, but we've got a couple of genuine projects for you!


You know what really counts most in the hearts of rabid highly devoted Italian-car freaks aficionados? Originality. A low-mileage original Italian supercar is sure to shatter your sanity knock 'em dead, but the prices- holy crap! Still, if you're willing to expend a lot of blood a little elbow grease, you can find a nice original Lamborghini that's been rotting stored for a decade or three and get it back into shape in your very own torture chamber garage. Say, something like this 1971 Lamborghini Espada, which has only 49,000 miles on the clock. OK, pessimists, we don't need to hear your oh-so-knowing snide comments about the way it's been sitting for either 26 years or since 1973, whichever you prefer. Yeah, every single component that ever touched any sort of fluid or allowed electrons to flow through it is going to be completely shot need some tinkering, but there's no rust and the interior is nice. All you need to do is find a source for thousands of a few replacement parts and you'll be at the beginning of an endless, painful journey ready to go!

Here we go, for the first time ever: two PCH cars from the same seller! You can get an Espada pretty cheap, so where's the exclusivity, eh? What you need, my friend, is a shiny yellow Lamborghini Murcielago! We've found one that's been in an apocalyptic top-speed wreck a bit of a fender-bender, and the starting bid is only 76 grand! Yes, this 1991 2005 Lamborghini Murcielago is completely destroyed has some damage, and we're pretty sure the seller is keenly regretting his sarcastic statement "Small little damage in the back, but otherwise ready to go." As we know, sarcasm is "common in the salvage industry," and remember: "If you are a girly man, idiot, freeloader, lunatic or other incompetent; please do not bid." You aren't allowed to go look at the car in person, sorry. But still, how hard could it be? It's a real Murcielago!

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