Pathetic Aston Martin Boat Only Has A Mere 1,040 Horsepower

All screengrabs via YouTube

So, two Mercury V8 engines put together only make a measly 1,040 horsepower? That’s what you’re telling me? That’s what almost $2 million buys? Ugh. Not enough. Take it back. I will not have such a puny boat.

I mean, look at this interior. Just look at the wood. Wood is a “natural” material, meaning not lab-created. Can you IMAGINE???


And it doesn’t look like it turns well, either.

EVO Magazine founder, and Man Who Boats, Harry Metcalfe says that this boat is the only one in the world right now because it’s the prototype. Well, I hope Aston sees this because there is still a lot of work that needs to be done before this is ready for me to buy.

Needs more boat.

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