Passengers On Double Decker Bus Scream For Driver To Stop As It Plows Into Cars

Incredibly, only two people suffered minor injuries as these two stories of red iconic London bus plowed into cars, all while passengers inside the bus were yelling for the driver to stop. The number 254 bus was on Lower Clapton Road in London when it drove into the back of a small SUV, which it proceeded to push into at least two other cars.

It’s not yet clear why the bus driver failed to stop, or why he kept driving after the initial impact with the SUV.


Damage to the bus after the wreck doesn’t seem too severe but the BMW and Audi hit do seem pretty messed up.

A passenger can be seen in pictures consoling the driver of the bus, who seems pretty upset about the events, unsurprisingly.


Metropolitan Police are investigating the incident but so far there’s no arrests.

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