Party-A-CarGo Kicks Tailgating Up A Notch

With football season looming, it's time to begin preparations for tailgating season. And if you want to enjoy all of the fun of tailgating — music, beer and more beer — without any of the hassle, the Party-A-CarGo box is the way to go. This diamond-plated supercooler includes everything you need for a good time, including an audio system and room for a keg of your favorite suds.

The whole mess hooks up to your vehicle's hitch, conveniently obscuring your license plate, which could be a problem while getting to and from the stadium. And when you're pulled over for not displaying a license tag, law enforcement probably won't be too happy with the fact that it's obscured by a keg of beer. Remember, no tapping until you're parked! There are three different versions available with prices of $2,895 and up. [Product Page via Giz]

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Ash78, voting early and often

Then your fat, drunk friend sits down on the metal lip and cantilevers the whole f'ing unit down to the ground, destroying your hitch and rear bumper in the process.

I'm just a purist tailgater. Show up early AM (or a day or two before) and bust out the folding tables, charcoal grill, and big-ass cooler.

And that middle section—is that like a brig for the midget?