Congratulations to Robert Sanderson, creator of Old-Timey Civic Kid. By your skill you've crushed your opponents, won immortal glory and fabulous prizes including choice of beer pong balls and the very last "I Am The Hoon Of The Day" t-shirt.

Any astute poll-watcher could have probably predicted this outcome by the resounding victory in the first round of Civic Kid Photoshop Contest voting, but now it's official, by sheer force of clever and talent, Old-timey Civic Kid wins. In the grand prize voting round, out of a total 930 votes registered at the time the polls closed at 12:00PM noon eastern standard time, it garnered a commanding 461 votes, a decisive 38% victory over nearest opponent, Back to the Future Civic Kid.


Congratulations Robert, and as promised you now have the right to the very last "I Am the Hoon Of The Day" t-shirt as well as your choice of Jezebel or Jalopnik beer pong balls. Shoot me an email at and let me know your commenter account name and if you don't have one, we'll award you a shiny new star along with getting your prize details all worked out.

Many thanks to all who submitted entries and good luck next time, and for those who might have missed it, click through in the gallery to view all 71 original entrants: