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Enter Civic Kid: Like SLR Guy, Only Nerdy

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

As amusing as SLR Guy was, there's a new successor to the 'wrecked car plus dopey pose' formula. His name? Civic Kid. We guess it's time for another photoshop contest!


Like the original blockbuster of stupid, we've got no background on this image, just a kid in a track suit doing the old devil horns and looking like Frankie Munez with a shiner — only dorkier. He might have gotten it rolling his super-awesome Civic with J-spec seat covers, or just an onlooker. It matters not, this is an image ripe for foolishness. In fact, we've taken the bull by the horns and made the first.


So here's the deal, you guys do your worst best at creating the funny and we'll do two rounds of voting on the results — e-mail us your photoshop work to the aptly-named You have until Wednesday at noon to submit your entries. We'll grant the overall winner immortal glory and or a fancy commenter star if you don't have one — also a set of your choice of either Jezebel or Jalopnik beer pong balls and the very last "I Am the Hoon Of The Day" t-shirts. Good luck, and make sure to keep it clean. (Hat tip to dolo54)