The entries are all in, and there's a total of 71 "Civic Kid"s. Now it's time to thin the herd. We've given them numbers and put them in a massive gallery below. So get in there and vote!

There will be two rounds of voting with all entrants in the first round competing directly against each other. Everybody gets a vote which they can apply to whatever Civic Kid they like. Then, when we close the polls Tuesday at noon, we'll pick out the top ten most popular and you can vote for your favorites out of the finalists. Keep in mind, we'll grant the overall winner immortal glory and or a fancy commenter star if you don't have one - also a set of your choice of either Jezebel or Jalopnik beer pong balls and the very last "I Am the Hoon Of The Day" t-shirts. Good luck, and may the Civic Kid be strong with you.

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Standard contest rules apply.