In the secret dead drop location my team of automotive crap locators uses to get me various treasures of automotive craphemera, I recently found something fascinating: an old Bricklin brochure. Bricklins are always sort of fascinating, but there’s something especially interesting in this brochure, and it has to do with smoking.

One of the big goals of the gull-winged Bricklin was to be a very safety-focused car, which is why it has those weird, big bumpers that can deform into special sockets on the car, for example.

According to the brochure, safety is also why no Bricklin came with a cigarette lighter—a pretty notable omission in the smoketastic 1970s. The brochure cites the health risks of smoking, but not the boring old cancer risks we’ve all heard before:


That’s a much more exciting risk than lung cancer. Really, that’s the sort of risk that should have been included on cigarette pack warning labels.


That would keep the kids off the smokables.